MHS Senior, Ally Klinker

MHS Senior, Ally Klinker

Do you have any hobbies?  Wow, that was a loaded question.  From the hardwoods to flying through the air behind a boat, this chic does it all.  We enjoyed an evening with Ally and her family at their gorgeous home along the Tennessee River.

Visit Ally’s online gallery to view the images from our photo shoot.

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  1. Kim and Andy Klinker

    Shawn you are so tallented. We couldn’t ask for a better portfolio of Senior pictures. We will forever treasure this moment in Allyson’s life and you captured it perfectly. Thank you for spending so much time with her and coming up with so many creative ideas. All of this for us in a donation you made to the Midway Basketball Auction last year. Glad we bid on that one!!!!

    Sincerely…Thank You!

    Kim and Andy Klinker